Leave It To Beaver Collectible Magazines, Boardgames


Rocket to the Moon : board game Produced by Gomalco. Object of Game is to be the first player to reach the moon. Players flip a rocket-shaped cone onto a board to find out how many spaces to move their marker. The path to the moon is full of perils and traps which players must avoid.  I’ve heard some of these games have a red backing, and others are blue on the back side.


Ambush board game : Produced by Gomalco.


Money Maker : board game  Produced by Gomalco. Caption reads, “Spare Beaver’s ingenious and often  disastrous attempts at earning money.” Object of game: Beaver, brother and friends set out to prove that they are good businessmen. The winner is the one to reach home with the most money. Box measures 16.5″ X 8.5″.