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Leave It To Beaver baseball cap : All stitched lettering with “Beaver” in university style letting in back, “Leave It To Beaver” stitched on the right side, and a threaded 3 inch picture of Beaver or Eddie Haskell on the front. Produced  by American Needle in 1994 in the classic TV characters series. Other hats show Lassie and Goober from


Replica Mayfield High School Sweater : This is the same sweater Jerry Mathers and Ken Osmond wear when making appearances. It’s blue and looks like the letterman sweater Wally wore on the show. Product description reads as, “The genuine Mayfield High School Sweater worn by Eddie Haskell and Beaver on the Leave It To Beaver TV series is back. When Ken ‘Eddie Haskell’ Osmond visited Brainstorms to shoot the catalog cover, we immediately fell in love with his sweater. Everyone tried it on, prancing around the office using classic ‘Eddie’ lines from the vintage show, ‘Good evening Mr. And Mrs. Cleaver’, ‘What a pretty dress, Mrs. Cleave’, and ‘Hey,   Creep!’ to name a few. Since Eddie insisted on taking his sweater back to California, it was decide to locate the original manufacturer so we could sell his sweater – or at least a replica. One call to “The Beav” and we solved the mystery. Handmade in 22 steps by the same factory that made the original (1957), this beautiful 100% acrylic replica even has the tripe stripes representing varsity honors in football, basketball, and track. Who care that they never earned them? Own a piece of television history with these collectible sweaters hand embroidered with the names of Eddie of Beaver. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a personal hand-signed autograph from the original stars.”


Promo hat given out with the Leave,  It To Beaver movie in 1998.  Not really a classic Leave It To Beaver item, but still interesting.



You can order this T-Shirt right now from emerchandise


T-Shirt reading, “My Best Friend is Eddie”, with a photograph of Eddie on the front. Product description reads as “Voted one of the 25 greatest TV characters of all time by the Chicago Tribune, Ken ‘Eddie Haskell’ Osmond was the painfully-polite-to-adults character on the popular Leave It To Beaver TV Series (1957 – 1963). ‘My what a pretty dress, Mrs. Cleaver’ was a favorite line, but secretly he was really a bully, tormenting Beaver and his little friends. It’s a swell T-shirt you’ll wear proudly. 100% cotton.”

Another T-Shirt with young Jerry Mathers on the front, A black and white bust shot of Jerry Mathers on the front of a gray T-Shirt. I found these during a business trip to New York City. 100% cotton; $20, which is pricey for a t-shirt, but not bad for a Beaver collectable. Available at: Television City, 74 West 50th Street, New York, NY, 212-333-33TV. I know there’s some manufacture out there who’s current producing 6 different LITB T-shirts, but I haven’t found anyone selling them. Let me know if you know where to get them.

Larry Mondello for President,  Apparently, some guy was producing T-Shirts with this witty saying.

Entertainment Weekly catalogue (1997) had another T-Shirt of the Beaver