It To Beaver Collectible Magazines, Commemeratives


Collectable Plates by Gartlan, Product description reads as, “TV’s most lovable character, Beaver Cleaver is commemorated in his landmark series of limited edition and hand-autographed collectible plates from Gartlan USA. All three plates are personally approved by Jerry Mathers and feature four views of Beaver set against the Cleaver home at 211 Pine St. Created by artist Michael J. Taylor, the 10 1/4 inch plate is limited to 1,963 pieces to commemorate the last year the show was aired. Each plate will be hand autographed by Jerry Mathers. Complementing the signed plates are a 8 1/2 inch plate limited to a worldwide edition of 10,000 pieces (not signed) and a small 1 1/4 inch plate with an open production run (unsigned). All limited pieces are sequentially hand-numbered and certified by a backstamp permanently fired to the plate.” Some companies sell an artist proof of the 10 1/4 inch plate, signed by the artist. “Artist Proof” means the plate was personally inspected by the artist picked the first run. There’s also a few artist proof’s of the 8 1/2 inch plate as well, but has been in too small of a quantity to advertise. Available from A&A Pacific Products Gallery Collectibles and Famous Collectibles

Figurines, No production description available, but you can see one pictured above. The large figurine is about 10 inches tall, has a limited edition of 1963, is hand signed by Jerry Mathers, and retails for $195. There’s a smaller version of the figurine as well, about 4 inches tall, has a limited edition of 5000, and retails for $50. Curiously, in the smaller version, Beaver is wearing a plaid jacket, not like the blue jacket pictured above.

Commemorative Lunch Box, The same pattern the Gartlan Company applied to the commemorative plates, Gartlan also intended to put on a lunch box and sell as well. (pictured above). However, there were production problems and no production lunch boxes were made. There’s a couple prototypical lunchboxes floating around in company hands that have never been put out on the market.


Replica Mayfield High School Sweater, This is the same sweater Jerry Mathers and Ken Osmond wear when making appearances (as shown above). It’s blue and looks like the letterman sweater Wally wore on the show. Product description reads as, “The genuine Mayfield High School Sweater worn by Eddie Haskell and Beaver on the Leave It To Beaver TV series is back. When Ken ‘Eddie Haskell’ Osmond visited Brainstorms to shoot the catalog cover, we immediately fell in love with his sweater. Everyone tried it on, prancing around the office using classic ‘Eddie’ lines from the vintage show, ‘Good evening Mr. And Mrs. Cleaver’, ‘What a pretty dress, Mrs. Cleave’, and ‘Hey, Creep!’ to name a few. Since Eddie insisted on taking his sweater back to California, it was decide to locate the original manufacturer so we could sell his sweater – or at least a replica. One call to “The Beav” and we solved the mystery. Handmade in 22 steps by the same factory that made the original (1957), this beautiful 100% acrylic replica even has the tripe stripes representing varsity honors in football, basketball, and track. Who care that they never earned them? Own a piece of television history with these collectible sweaters hand embroidered with the names of Eddie of Beaver. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a personal hand-signed autograph from the original stars.”


Replica lunch box : the same company that produced Leave It to Beaver commemorative plates, Gartlan, also produced a 4×4 inch replica ceramic lunch box. Red with two white stripes, a brown handle, and silver buckles, autographed by Jerry Mathers. Gartlan never produced these replica lunch boxes in sufficient quantity to advertise, made less than 50.


More Figurines : Produced sometime in the 80’s I believe by the Danbury Mint. Ward measures 8.5″ tall and Beaver measures 6.25″ tall. I’m sure there’s one of Wally and June too, but I haven’t seen them yet.


Stadium Giveaway Bobblehead, by the Portland Beavers on Aug 2nd, 2008


Tray : Metal tray measuring 10 3/4″ and has a colored decal of the Beav and his family. The tray is dated 1983 Universal City Studios, Inc.


Trash Can : Same image, same company as the tray


Mug : Some guys claims to purchased this from the Universal Studio tours.


A Wall Clock, Produced by some independent company, with the image swiped from the Cover of Dell issue #999.