Leave It To Beaver Collectible Magazines PG3

Who’s Who in Television, 1964

Who’s Who in Television, 1964, Covers Tony Dow  

Top TV Stars, 1964

Top TV Stars, 1964, has pictures of Tony Dow

16 Mag, April 64

16 Mag, April 64.  Has a picture and short caption of Tony Dow

Mad Magazine, Oct 1964

Mad Magazine, Oct 1964, contains a small parody of Leave It To Beaver

Parade of Stars, 1964

Parade of Stars, 1964, a program guide to a charity fundraise in which Tony Dow participated. 

TV Mirror, November 1965

TV Mirror, November 1965. Contains information on Tony Dow

Teen Scrapbook magazine, 1965

Teen Scrapbook magazine, 1965. Volume 1, no. 7.  Has a mention of Tony Dow.

TV Mirror, January 1966

TV Mirror, January 1966.  More information on Tony Dow’s post-Leave It To Beaver TV activity.

Tiger Beat, January 1967

Tiger Beat, January 1967. It features the Monkees, Dino, Raiders. Also has articles on Ricci Martin, Jerry Mathers, Dave Clark 5, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Contains color pinups of Dino, Desi, & Billy, Peter Noone, Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz (in a huge fur!), Davy Jones & his Dad, and one of Davy alone on the outside back cover. The Monkees are the centerfold.

Tiger Beat Fave Magazine, Oct 67

Tiger Beat Fave Magazine, Oct 67. Has some article of Jerry Mathers.

TV Mirror and Radio, 1974

TV Mirror and Radio, 1974.  Has an exclusive scoop on Jerry Mathers and photos from his wedding.

Star, July 26th, 1977

Star, July 26th, 1977.  Contains an article, Leave it to Beaver “stars turn their backs on showbiz”

People, April 18, 1977
People, April 18, 1977

People, April 18, 1977 Contains a one page article on the child odyssey of Jerry Mathers

Rona Barrett’s Hollywood, January,1978 has mentions Jerry Mathers

Gossip Magazine, Feb 1978

Gossip Magazine, Feb 1978, contains a short article on Tony Dow.

PhotoPlay, Dec 78/Jan 79

PhotoPlay, Dec 78/Jan 79.  Has a picture of Jerry Mathers

People, May 5th, 1980

People, May 5th, 1980.  Has a short article on Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow

Reruns, Vol 1, Number 1, April 1980

Reruns, Vol 1, Number 1, April 1980.  Featured in this premier issue Leave It To Beaver. Eddie Haskell: Portrait of a Teenage Rat Uncle Miltie Debuts, 6/8/48 Off The Record with Zero Mostel. First broadcast 9/28/48 Toast of the Town with Ed Sullivan as Master of Ceremonies. Margaret Truman makes her singing debut. Wanted – Dead or Alive, an adult western program with Steve McQueen. The article includes story summaries and casts for episodes from 1958-61 . . . and try your luck at the Reruns Quiz with the theme “Anchors Aweigh”

General Hospital, Daytime TV’s Great Stories #1

General Hospital, Daytime TV’s Great Stories #1, A Daytime TV Publication, 1980. Contains some pictures of Tony Dow, when he starred in the show for a short time in the story’s early days.

Photoscreen, 1981

Photoscreen, 1981.  Has an article on Jerry Mathers

Time , May 31, 1982

Time , May 31, 1982. Contains a short notice on the death of Hugh Beaumont.

People , February 7th, 1983

People , February 7th, 1983.  Has a LITB reunion.

Disney, November 1984

Disney, November 1984.  Has an article on the premiere of “Still the Beaver.”

People , March 1st, 1985

People , March 1st, 1985. Contains an article on rerun madness, which spends a little time talking about Leave It To Beaver

Teen Age Magazine, March 1985

Teen Age Magazine, March 1985.  Jerry Mathers is on the cover


Reruns, Don’t know much about this one, including the date.  Probably came out in the mid 80’s, and discussed Leave It To Beaver

Saturday Review / Satellite Orbit, May 1985

Saturday Review / Satellite Orbit , May 1985, The Television Critic,a one page description of the show

Cult TV, 1985

Cult TV, 1985, Shows America can’t Live Without, a full description of Leave It To Beaver

People, 1985

People, 1985, People Magazine Report, a retrospective look at the show.

TV Gold , 1986

TV Gold , 1986.  A review of the best shows, which article on Leave It To Beaver

TV Star, 1986

TV Star, 1986, has a pic and short article of the new LITB cast 

Mad Magazine, December 1986

Mad Magazine, December 1986, contains an 80s version of Leave It To Beaver

Cinema Papers, July 87

Cinema Papers, July 87.  An Australian magazine has a mention of Jerry Mathers

Golden Age of Television, 1987

Golden Age of Television, 1987, Leave It To Beaver, contains short essay on the show

Nostalgia magazine, January 1991

Nostalgia magazine, January 1991. Also contains articles on The Gipper and USO Tours.

Mad, January 1992

Mad, January 1992.  Spoofs many TV series, including Leave It To Beaver

Bewitch, 1992

Bewitch, 1992. Contains a complete synopsis, which contains a photo of Jerry Mathers in episode “Little Pitchers Have Big Fears”.

Entertainment Weekly, July 1993

Entertainment Weekly, July 1993 cover of Jerry Mathers

Hollywood Collectibles, September 1994

Hollywood Collectibles, September 1994, Collecting Leave It To Beaver, covers the most popular items

Lifestyles, 1994

Lifestyles, 1994.  An issue of “Where are they now?” with Jerry Mathers in it.

Focus on the Family, magazine August 1995

Focus on the Family, magazine August 1995 cover of the family

Vanity Fair, December, 1995

Vanity Fair, December, 1995.  Another mention of Jerry Mather’s divorce.

Disney Adventures, July 1996

Disney Adventures, July 1996 article on Beaver movie auditions with photo of Jerry as a kid with his tongue sticking out and holding a bag of popcorn

Entertainment Weekly , July 17th, 1998

Entertainment Weekly , July 17th, 1998.  Has a blurb on Jerry Mathers turning 50.

TV Guide, Oct 17th, 1998

TV Guide, Oct 17th, 1998.  Jerry Mathers is mentioned.

National Enquirer, April 2001

National Enquirer, April 2001.  Has a story on Jerry Mather’s sickness of eating grubs on Jay Leno’s celebrity survivor show.

Senior Life, Oct 2007

Senior Life, Oct 2007, with Jerry Mathers on the cover.

Diabetes Magazine, Sept/Oct 2008

Diabetes Magazine, Sept/Oct 2008

National Examiner, Dec 22, 2008

National Examiner, Dec 22, 2008, has an item on Tony Dow’s new arts show at the Louvre


People Magazine, August 16, 2016

Studio Photos

Studio Photos