Leave It To Beaver Collectible Magazines, 1956 - 1960

TV Fan, Feb 1956

TV Fan, Feb 1956.  Includes a blurb on Barbara Billingsley pre-Beaver.

Sight and Sound – The Film Quarterly. Summer 1956

Sight and Sound – The Film Quarterly.  Summer 1956.  Contains a short blurb on Jerry Mathers regarding his role in the Alfred Hitchcock film, “The Trouble with Harry.”

TV Fan, February 1956

TV Fan, February 1956.  Contains an article on prominent women on TV, mentioning Barbara Billingsley.

Look, May 27th, 1958. Contains a full article on the new show, Leave It To Beaver

TIME, January 6, 1958
TIME, January 6, 1958
TIME, January 6, 1958

TIME, January 6, 1958, with Nikita Khrushchev on the front cover as Man of the Year. Also in this issue is an article about the brand new TV comedy “Leave It to Beaver”!

Playmate, April 1958

Playmate, April 1958.  A two page article on the Cleaver clan

TV Junior Magazine, May 1958

TV Junior Magazine, May 1958, Contains a picture and short article on Leave It To Beaver. Main article is about Guy Williams (Zorro) and his real life family, featured in a 4 page interview. There’s also articles and pictures on Annette Funicello and Abbot and Costello

TV Star Parade, September 1958

TV Star Parade, September 1958.  A little shot of Jerry and Tony on the cover, with an article inside.

Calling all Girls, October 1958
Calling all Girls, October 1958

Calling all Girls, October 1958.  Article on Leave It To Beaver

TV Star Parade, Dec 1958

TV Star Parade, Dec 1958.  On the cover it shows Jack Kelly, George Hamilton IV and others.. Full of interesting articles and pictures.4 pin ups including Dale Robertson, Tony Dow, Damon and Sands. Has a great story on Elvis sailing away

TV-Radio, 1958

TV-Radio, 1958.  The yearly summary mentions Tony Dow.

TV Movie Men, 1959

TV Movie Men, 1959, contains a blurb on Tony Down

TV Junior, January 1959

TV Junior, January 1959.  Contains a short article on the day in the life of Jerry Mathers.

Playmate, February 1959

Playmate, February 1959, Both front and back cover have photos of Jerry Mathers.

Playmate. April 1959

Playmate. April 1959. Contains Brian Siebman and Janet Lennon (The Lawrence Welk Show) on the cover. Also includes photos of Paul Petersen (Donna Reed Show), Jerry Mathers, Michael Winkelman (The Real McCoys), Lawrence Welk and Pat Lennon, Mouseketeer Cubby, and Peggy and Diane Lennon.

TV Star Parade, May 1959

TV Star Parade, May 1959, Tony Dow on a date with Pamela Beard, two photos worth.

Movie Life. June 1959

Movie Life. June 1959. Contains an article on Tony Dow

Teen, June 1959

Teen, June 1959.  Contains an article on Tony Dow

TV Star Parade, July 1959

TV Star Parade, July 1959.  Articles on: Frankie Avalon, Donna Reed, Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers, Fabian, Jimmy Rodgers, James Garner at home (6 pages), Elvis Presley, Peter Brown, Elizabeth Taylor, Ward Bond (Wagon Train), Efrem Zimbalist, Annette and others

TV Life, August 1959
TV Life, August 1959

TV Life, August 1959.  Jerry Mathers is on the cover.

Playmate, September 1959

Playmate, September 1959, Jerry Mathers article Contain a short article on Jerry Mathers

Movies Stars, December 1959

Movies Stars, December 1959. Articles on Clint Walker, Tuesday Weld, Debbie Reynolds, Roger Smith, Elvis Presley, Connie Stevens, Frankie Avalon, and Rick Nelson. Contains interesting article on “How Teenage Stars Get SPANKED” includes interviews with Tony Dow, Annette Funicello, Fabian, and Sanda Dee  

TV-Radio Album, 1959

TV-Radio Album, 1959, a yearly summary of relevant TV and Radio shows mentioning Leave It To Beaver.

Boy’s Life

Boy’s Life, don’t have a date, but this ad appeared in Boy’s Life of Beaver buying a savings bond.

Playmate, January 1960

Playmate, January 1960. Contains a few pages on Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow

Modern Teen magazine, March, 1960

Modern Teen magazine, March, 1960, has Bobby Rydell on the cover with a 4-page article. Inside: 16 different b/w wallet size photos of Elvis; a Jimmy Clanton b/w centerfold; a Tony Dow, photo and article

Teen Magazine.  March 1960.  Contains a short article on Tony Dow.

Dig, April 1960

Dig, April 1960, 15 is a Goofy Age 15 things Tony Dow doesn’t dig about being 15

Teen Magazine, April 1960

Teen Magazine, April 1960. Contains an article with Tony Dow.

HepCats, April 1960

HepCats, April 1960. Contains an article on Tony Dow

Glance, June 1960

Glance, June 1960.  Contains pictures of women in fashion, with a pic of Barbara Billingsley

Journal American Pictorial and TV Magazine, July 24, 1960

Journal American Pictorial and TV Magazine, July 24, 1960.  Contains a character of Jerry Mathers on the cover.

16 Magazine, August 1960

16 Magazine, August 1960. The cover has Bobby Rydell, Paul Anka, Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Jimmy Clanton and American Bandstand regulars. Inside are stories about the cover people as well as Dion, Pat Molittieri, John Gabriel and Johnny Mathis. Inside the front cover is a framable drawing of Tony Dow. On the inside of the back cover is a drawing of Pat Molittieri but there is some slight discoloration towards the top. Special feature on Bobby Darin, Duane Eddy and Clyde McPhatter. There is also a farewell to Eddie Cochran who was tragically killed in a taxi accident  

Parade Magazine, September 1960

Parade Magazine, September 1960, from the Sunday Times section of a New York State

Playmate Magazine, September 1960

Playmate Magazine, September 1960.  Has one page with a photo of Jerry Mathers.

Movieland and TV Times, October 1960

Movieland and TV Times, October 1960.  Tony Dow is mentioned.

16 Magazine, November 1960

16 Magazine, November 1960. Cover also shows Dion and Elvis. Read the 10 things Tony Dow says boys don’t like about girls. Also has an article on “Why doesn’t the phone ring for me?”

Teen Magazine, November 1960

Teen Magazine, November 1960. Tony describes the trials of being a tweenager, someone between 13 and 18.

Photoflashes GE, November 1960

Photoflashes GE, November 1960. This is a 1960 General Electric publication for photolamp dealers. The 23 page booklet features a story on the plugging of GE’s flashblub sales featuring the Leave It To Beaver TV Show Sticker Pack, and a featured article on Tony Dow GE’s new teen idol

TV Radio, December 1960

TV Radio, December 1960. Has a blurb on Tony Dow

Boy’s Life, December 1960

Boy’s Life, December 1960.  Contains a color cartoon on LITB.

Who’s Who. 1960

Who’s Who.  1960.  Mentions Leave It To Beaver