Leave It To Beaver Collectible Magazines, Papergoods


Kellogg Corn Flakes box, In 1983, Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers appeared on a box of corn flakes.


10×16 inch thick, die-cut cardboard store display featuring Jerry Mathers endorsing a premium of stickers which were available inside every pack of General Electric flashbulbs for cameras.


Posters : I’ve seen a couple of posters around of the Leave It To Beaver cast. The caption from the one left is: “Gee, Dad, it’s hard to walk good when your underwear’s on backwards!” Another poster contains eight pictures from the series and the words “If Only I’d let It to Beaver, Life Woulda Been a Whole Lot Sweller.”


TV Land Promo Poster, Printed in the late 90’s, shows an updated Wally and Beaver covered with tattoos.


Cards : Of course, LITB makes all sorts of Mother and Father’s day cards.



1990 calendar from Landmark — cover of family in formal clothes. Other pictures include Ward and the boys shooting a bow and arrow; two shots of Beav and the tree from “Beaver’s Tree” episode, a shot of the boys from “Wally’s haircomb”, the family posed in front of the house, Beav coming in the back door with Ward holding a tool box, Wally holding a model ship in his bedroom, and Beav hugging June

1991 calendar from Landmark cover of family in garage with Beav and Wally in colorized boxing gloves, Ward smiling and June in an apron very upset. Other pictures include Beav and Larry; Beav reading a wild west book; Beav, parents and Whitey in bird costume from “School Play”; a shot from “Beaver’s Frogs”; Wally at the typewriter; Ward showing Beav a baseball in the garage; Wally and Eddie looking at a ruler; and Beav covered in dirt from “Forgotten Party”.


Miss Dee Dee Lind, some Playmate in 1968, claims to have made an appearance on LITB, along with minor parts on other shows at the time as well.  She wasn’t credited in any episodes, and if she did appear, it’s not clear what show she was on.


This is a 1947 souvenir program, from the out-of-town tour of new PAULINE WILLIAMS comedy “ACCIDENTALLY YOURS” starring BILLIE BURKE and GRANT MITCHELL. (The production toured several American cities in 1947, but failed to arrive on Broadway.) ….. The play starred BILLIE BURKE and GRANT MITCHELL (shown in the cover photos) and in supporting roles were the future Mrs. Cleaver, BARBARA BILLINGSLEY (“Leave It To Beaver”), LEORA THATCHER, BETTY de CORMIER, PHIL WARREN, EVE McVEAGH, KATHRYN SHELDON, DON GRUSSO, PAULA TRUEMAN, LIAM DUNN, JACK WHITMORE, DAVID BOND and EDWIN COOPER ….. Side Note: BARBARA BILLINGSLEY (1915 – 2010) never did appear on a Broadway stage ….. CREDITS: Book by PAULINE WILLIAMS; Sets designed by BEN EDWARDS; Production Staged by HARRY ELLERBE (in association with JAMES S. ELLIOTT); Produced by JAMES S. ELLIOTT and HERBERT J. FREEZER 


Dollar Bill, The seller claimed this bill was actual legal tender.


Sales Sheet, At one time, Cheinco Co. was going to produce wastebaskets with pics of Leave It To Beaver and The Munsters. However, the company closed, and none where produced. However, the original sales sheets of these products have become collectible as well.


McDonald’s tray liner, Produced in 1988. Shows Barbara Billingsley and Ken Osmond quoting statements in character.


Paper plates — 1983 hallmark Shows Beav holding a glove and baseball with cap on backwards, saying “Gee Wally the party’s really neat” and thinking “I hope Eddie Haskell doesn’t come” Comes 8 to a pack, each plate is 8 3/4 inches wide.

Luncheon napkins — 1983 Hallmark Shows Beav headshot (same as paper plates) with cap on backwards, red and blue balloons printed on napkins, with Beav saying “Gee Eddie–who invited you?”


Mike of Magnesia Ad: TV Moms Barbara Billingsley & Jane Wyatt (Father Knows Best) selling Milk of Magnesia ad. Quote: “Three MOMs America grew up with.”


Forgot what this one was, Maybe you can tell me.


Pin-up page from the Teen Stars Album # 3 Magazine, Measures 10 3/4″ X 8″.

Recent Birthday Cards


Seems that even GE camera flashbulbs, got on the LITB wagon way back when.  This is a rare item.