It To Beaver Collectible Magazines, Trinkets


Beaver Dolls: Actually, these are just regular stuff animals tacked on with some promotion of a Leave It To Beaver theme. This is a beaver animal wearing a blue cap with a “B” on it, attached with a pin of Beaver and Wally. The tag says “Heartline” and the other says 1988 Universal Studios. Figure is 8-1/2 inches high. There’s an entire set of the family, but it includes a sister doll, which doesn’t make such sense.

Another Beaver Doll: Don’t have a pic of this one. It’s a high quality plush beaver wearing a maroon jacket, white shirt, and print tie. Made in 1983 by Graphics International, Inc., it is licensed by Universal Studios. It has a television shaped hang tag that has a picture of Beaver and Dad…sharing a moment. Inside the tag…it says the following…”Here’s Dad. His name is Ward Cleaver. He’s a great guy for advice and junk, and hardly ever yells unless I do something really dumb. He’s just about the swellest dad a kid could have. The Beav” The plush Beaver sits 9″ tall.


Refrigerator Magnets and Mousepads: You can purchase these magnets right now for $3 each at FridgeDoor, as well as magnets from other popular TV programs as well. The same image has been applied to mousepads as well.


Thimble — undated (probably 80’s) with title of the show and a drawing of Beaver in a cap. This is part of an entire thimble series of other TV shows, characters, and movies. I’ve seen over 100 thimbles of this type.


Salt and Pepper Shakers, These are rare ceramic shakers haped like a television set, were only available through a television station promotion several years ago. They were never released to the public. They have small holes in the top for dispensing salt and pepper and a small plastic plug on the bottom for filling. They measure approximately 2.25″(H) x 2.50″(W) x 1.50″(D)


Mouse Pad


Christmas Ordainment


Singing birthday card


Beaver on a poker chip, of all things.