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Leave it to Beaver Chicago Tribune, Jan 6-12, 1962

Leave it to Beaver Chicago Tribune, Jan 6-12, 1962 w Jerry Mathers & Tony Dow


TV Week’s Program, from the Boston Sunday Herald, July 29th, 1962. Contains an article on Leave It To Beaver

TV Week, August 8th, 1962

TV Week, August 8th, 1962.  Contains a short article on Leave It To Beaver

TV Roundup, Aug 26th, 1962

TV Roundup, Aug 26th, 1962, from the Chicago area.  Tony Dow on the cover.

TV Times, November 3rd, 1962

TV Times, November 3rd, 1962.  Has a short blurb on Tony Dow

TV Week, Dec 22, 1962

TV Week, Dec 22, 1962, Australian version.  Regional Victorian issue (same size as the US TV Guide) . Johnny Crawford of the RIFLEMAN cover .Also color pinups of Peter Brown ( Lawman) ,Van Williams ( Surfside six) , 2 page story on Leave it to Beaver (Tony Dow), 2 page story on the Andy Griffith Show

TV News, March 7, 1964

TV News, March 7, 1964, a weekly Indianapolis television magazine.  There is a photo of Tony Down appearing on the Mr. Novak show.

TV Guide, August 29 1964

TV Guide, August 29 1964.

TV Times, October 6th, 1962

TV Times, October 6th, 1962. Inside cover contain color picture of Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers

TV Screen, October 28th, 1962

TV Screen, October 28th, 1962.  From the Milwaukee area.

TV Times, Dec 8, 1962

TV Times, Dec 8, 1962, regional from TV Times from Australia with Jerry Mathers from Leave It To Beaver on the cover

TV Week, March 1, 1963

TV Week, March 1, 1963, from Plain Dealer.  Has something on LITB.

TV Guide, June 14, 1963

TV Guide, June 14, 1963?  

TV Guide, Sept 7, 1963

TV Guide, Sept 7, 1963, p. 26. Contains article, “No Longer Trying to Reach the Moonon Kim Hamilton

TV Times, September 1963.

TV Times, September 1963.  Back cover has this picture.

TV Week, December 22, 1963

TV Week, December 22, 1963.

TV Guide, January 1964

TV Guide, January 1964, Contains a short article on Tony Dow

TV News, 1964

TV News, 1964, a regional guide.

TV Week, Feb 7 – Feb 14th, 1965

TV Week, Feb 7 – Feb 14th, 1965. Shows Jerry Mathers on the cover

TV Guide, November 10th, 1979

TV Guide, November 10th, 1979.  Contains a section on child stars, mentioning Jerry Mathers.

TV Reruns, September 1982

TV Reruns, September 1982, contains short note on the death of Hugh Beaumont

TV Guide, Oct 8th, 1983

TV Guide, Oct 8th, 1983.  Includes a short blurb, What We Were Watching, including Leave It To Beaver.

TV Guide, Dec 18th, 1982. Contains short blurb on Tony Dow in his role on the show, Square Pegs.

TV Magazine, Oct 6-13, 1983

TV Magazine, Oct 6-13, 1983.  This was a supplement to The Dallas Morning News and features a photo and the title “DOLLY PARTON HOSTS THE COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION AWARDS” on the cover. Inside is a listing of the nominees for various categories and a photo of Hank Williams Jr.  Inside in an ad for the New Leave It to Beaver Show.

TV Week, July 29 – Aug 4th, 1984

TV Week, July 29 – Aug 4th, 1984.  Contains an article on Still the Beaver

TV Guide, April 17, 1993

TV Guide, April 17, 1993.  Mentions LITB as one of the best 40 shows

TV Guide, july 15th, 1995

TV Guide, july 15th, 1995.  Contains a blurb on Leave It To Beaver.

TV Guide, July 13, 1996

TV Guide, July 13, 1996 Beav and June on cover. Contains article reporting the demise of family TV.

TV Guide, June 28th, 1997

TV Guide, June 28th, 1997. Contains article, “100 Greatest Shows of All Time” Includes two shows from LITB


TV Guide, August 23rd, 1997. Contains interview with Jerry Mathers

TV Guide, August 23rd, 1997

TV Guide, August 23rd, 1997. Contains article

TV Guide, July 25th, 1998

TV Guide, July 25th, 1998, pg 15. Contains urban legend articles of Jerry Mathers dying in Vietnam and Ken Osmond as a porn star.