Leave It To Beaver Collectible Magazines, Tvg

TV Fan, Feb 1956

TV Fan, Feb 1956, contains an item on Barbara Billingsley, pre LITB


TV Guide, September 14th, 1957. Contains preview of the new fall season, which includes the first episode of Leave It To Beaver


TV Guide, Oct 10-18, 1957.  Has a Leave It to Beaver pic on the front


TV Week, Nov 9-15, 1957.  Has an article on Tony Dow.

St. Louis Post Dispatch, December 15th, 1957

St. Louis Post Dispatch, December 15th, 1957.


TV Guide, Dec. 14, 1957 has an article on the actress that plays Miss Canfield

TV Guide, Dec 21 1957
TV Guide, Dec 21 1957

TV Guide, Dec 21 1957, contains a short photo blurb on Wally and Beaver, as the class of 1957.


TV Guide, Feb 1, 1958, pg 17. Contains article, “Tom Sawyer (Junior Grade)”

TV Guide, March 29, 1958
TV Guide, March 29, 1958

TV Guide, March 29, 1958, contains a little article on the LITB time switch.

TV Week, April 26th, 1958

TV Week, April 26th, 1958, contains an article, The Trouble With Beaver


TV Week, May 17-23, 1958.  Features Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. The following articles are in this issue. The Cleaver Family:Busy Beavers, George burns tells about son, Stunt man from Wagon Train.

TV News, May 17th, 1958

TV News, May 17th, 1958.  Indianapolis TV News

TV Junior, May 1958

TV Junior, May 1958, Leave It To Beaver


TV Guide, June 28th, 1958. Contains article, “Busy as a Beaver”

beavertvtimes1_small TV Times, Sept 7, 1958

TV Times, Sept 7, 1958, from the Los Angeles Times TV Times,

TV Week, Sept 58

TV Week, Sept 58, from Australia

TV Guide, Nov 1 1958

TV Guide, Nov 1 1958, contains a typical ad for LITB


TV Week, 1958, Dec 27 – Jan 2.  Issue also contains an article on 1958-59 News review, and Tournament of Rose Parade, and Bowl games listings with players names


TV Preview, April 7th 1959, with Jerry Mathers on the cover


TV News-Times, May 9th, 1959.  Contains article on Leave It To Beaver


  TV Guide, May 30th, 1959. Has short blurb on Tony Dow and how he wants to be an Olympic Diver.

TV Preview, July 16-22, a supermarket supplement.  Has a picture and article on Tony Dow

TV Week, July 5, 1959
TV Week, July 5, 1959

TV Week, July 5, 1959, article of young actors at play


TV Guide, July 18, 1959 p. 6 “Busy as a Beaver” article on director Norman Tokar and photos with Larry, Benji, Beav and Wally

TV Guide, Aug. 22, 1959

TV Guide, Aug. 22, 1959 p. 4 “How’s Your Tyke-Q?” photo of child stars, including Jerry and Tony, along with Laurin Chapin, Paul Petersen and Angela Cartwright


AUSTRALIAN TELEVISION SCREEN, November 1959.  There’s eight pictures of Jerry Mathers / Leave It To Beaver in this issue.


TV Preview, Dated October 9th, 1959


TV Guide, October 30th, 1959. Contains a short blurb on Beaver


TV Graphic,  Don’t have a date, but looks like about 1959.


TV Times Calendar, 1960. A bit more unusual – a calendar produced by TV Times for the year 1960


TV Guide, Feb 27th, 1960. Contains a Show Review

TV View, March 13, 1960

TV View, March 13, 1960, contains a piece on Hugh Beaumnot.


TV Times,  April 2nd, 1960.  On the cover is a color pinup of Tommy Steele & on the inside covers are b&w pinups of Roger Moore, The Alaskans & Jerry Mathers of Leave It To Beaver.  The feature articles are on Edd Byrnes of 77 Sunset Strip; Jay North, Dennis the Menace; Ann Sothern; Lee Marvin of M-Squad & 2 pages on Tommy Steele.  Also mentioned in articles are David Nelson, Walter Brennan, Nancy Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bob Cummings, Ray Milland, plus lots of other gossip.


TV Magazine, St Louis Post Dispatch, April 17th, 1960

Star Televue Magazine, April 17th, 1960

Star Televue Magazine, April 17th, 1960.  From the Washington DC area


TV News, May 17th, 1960. A local TV Guide from the Indianapolis, Indiana area


TV Magazine, June 4-10, 1960, from the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Contains a one pager on the show. 

Detroit News TV Guide Magazine, July 7-23 1960

Detroit News TV Guide Magazine, July 7-23 1960


TV Week, July 21, 1960, from Australia


TV Week, August 11, 1960, from Edmonton Canada


TV Guide, Oct. 8, 1960 p. 27 Beaver review

TV Week, December 1960

TV Week, December 1960, from Australia


TV Times Calendar, from 1961

TV Week, from Chicago in 1961

TV Week, from Chicago in 1961.  Has a photo of Jerry Mathers.


TV Guide, Feb 25 – Mar 3, 1961, pg 10.. Contain article, “An Expert on the Male” on Barbara Billingsley

TV Week, Chicago Daily Tribune, Feb 18, 1961
TV Week, Chicago Daily Tribune, Feb 18, 1961

TV Week, Chicago Daily Tribune, Feb 18, 1961


Boston Herald,  Article in local TV addition


TV Guide, May 13- May 19, 1961, pg 24. Contains article, “Barbara Billingsley’s advice to homemakers: Dress up your role.”


TV View, June 2, Contains article on the show and pictures of Eddie and Lumpy

TV Week, July 1961

TV Week, July 1961, from Australia.  Has a 2 page article on LITB.

TV Guide, from the Boston Herald, July 23, 1961

TV Guide, from the Boston Herald, July 23, 1961.  Has a character of LITB on the cover

TV Times, August 1961

TV Times, August 1961.  Has a two page article on Beaver.


TV News, October 21st, 1961. Contains article, “He’s Discovered Girls

TV Week, December 1961

TV Week, December 1961,from Australia.  Has a one-page black and white pinup of Tony Dow


TV Week, Jan 6th, 1962, from the Chicago area.  Has Tony and Jerry on the cover


TV Guide, Jan 27th, 1962 Featuring Myrna Fahey of “Father of the Bride”…articles include “Myrna Fahey’s dream trousseau”,” Bob Newhart”, “Tony Dow of Leave it to Beaver”…


TV Log, May 3rd, 1962. Contains short blurb on Leave It To Beaver. This interesting little fold up guide measures 7 1/2 x 3 1/2″ when folded. Ads are great too – Prime Rib for $3.75., fly to Los Angeles for $26.00 round trip. This is the type of flyer that’s handed out free at the supermarket.


TV Guide, March 24th, 1962. Contains a picture of Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers